Car Wrapping I

Dominates the application of vinyl on all types of moldings and curved surfaces.

Car Wrapping I

8 places max.

Duration 8h


09:00 - 14:00 15:00 - 18:00

Price 302.5€ (VAT inc.)


Practical Training:

With more practice than theory, you will learn the application techniques
of the Avery Dennison cast vinyl.

Preparation of the surfaces for the application.
AAdaptation of the vinyl to the concave and convex corrugations.
Application of vinyl on 3D surfaces.

Spatula handling, cutting, precision, positioning…
How to get definitive fixing of the vinyl to the curved surface.

Theoretical Training

With the information of the existent materials in the market to work this
type of surfaces, tools for its application, resolution of doubts,
exhibition of real cases, etc.

Attendees work on all types of non-flat surfaces: a wide variety of vehicle parts,
concave and convex panels…

  • MPI1104
  • Serie 900

* The materials, references used in the training may vary according to availability at that time.


Indispensable course for those who want to dedicate themselves professionally to the
labeling of vehicles, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, containers, windmills, etc.

Dominates the application of vinyl on all types of moldings and curved surfaces. Learn the
process of preparing the surface to be labeled and working methods to master the application
of the vinyl on different pieces of vehicles and panels. Introduction to the wrapping of vehicles.
First knowledge about the most difficult applications.

To attend this course, we recommend having basic knowledge and experience in signage (see Essential Course).

This course is part of the necessary training to be able to access the certification exam to be
Official Installer Avery Dennison (Essential Course, Car Wrapping 1 and Car Wrapping 2).


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  • Gift of an Avery Dennison application toolkit according to
    the current promotion at that time. Consult available promotion.
  • Gift of discount check for the purchase of AVERY DENNISON material for the amount
    of 100 Euros: The check for this course is personal, non-transferable, non-cumulative or non-refundable,
    VAT not included. Applicable for the purchase of a minimum amount of 300 euros in Supreme Wrapping Film,
    MPI 1104, MPI 1105 and DOL 1460 of Avery Dennison.
  • Food and snacks during training are included.